What will happen if I don’t treat my nail infection?

Risks of Not Treating Your Fungal Nail Infection

Risks of nail infection

Yikes! Avoid your nail infection from becoming as bad as this one.

  • Have you developed a fungal nail infection?
  • Do you think that not paying attention to it will make it go away?
  • Have you been telling yourself “It’s probably not that bad”?

If you have an infected toe or fingernail fungus, you should know by now that, even if it may look harmless, it can affect more than just your nails. Nail fungus is a medical condition caused by an active and living fungus that grows, feeds, and spreads on your nails and skin.

Does that sound harmless to you?

A nail infection won’t go away on its own…

An untreated nail infection will only get worse over time.  Just trimming or filing it will not do the trick. Nail fungus isn’t just around or above the nail; the problem lies underneath the nail also. Proven home remedies, medicine prescribed by your doctor, or expensive laser surgery are the only things that can cure it.

Did you know that nail fungus can be easily spread… especially In public areas such as locker rooms, where virtually everybody is barefoot. People whose bare feet come into contact with your bare feet can also become infected. Thus you are actually putting others at risk if you don’t treat your nail fungus.

Worst of it all is that a nail infection can cause bacterial infections in other parts of your body. Remember it is an infection, it is not only limited to just your nails.

Furthermore, if you have diabetes or any other health condition which targets your immune system, you should seek treatment as soon as possible. People with diabetes are five times more likely to suffer from a nail fungus infection. HIV patients are four times more likely, and the outcome can be very painful.

Hiding your nail infection doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It will just continue to fester…

Hiding your yellowish nails with nail polish or under shoes and socks is not a solution. Nail polish makes the condition of your nails even worse, same with wearing shoes for a long period of time. Why? Because the moist and warm environment only helps nail fungus to grow. Also, with time the nail will only grow thicker, and eventually it will be too painful even to wear shoes.

Finally, treating your nail infection is important to your health and should be a high priority for you.

Take action ASAP to find a nail fungal treatment that can cure both foot fungus and fingernail fungus.

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