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For many years I wore artificial nail tips and, to be honest, I generally went to the salon which had the lowest prices. I typically took advantage of their combo specials, which also included a pedicure, so I had both my fingernails and toenails done at the same time. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t realize the harmful environment to which I was exposing myself.

One night I was literally awoken out of my sleep by a severe pain in one of my fingernails. It was throbbing so badly that I really considered going to the Emergency Room. I put ice on it which helped provide some relief to help me get through the night.

The next morning I sought immediate treatment and had the nail tips removed which brought me relief. However, my fingernails were a mess and it took several months to completely cure them. In the meantime, I started researching the symptoms and causes of nail fungal infections including what I could do to prevent them in the future.

Over the last year or so I have watched my husband deal with a toenail fungus infection which continued to grow only worse over time.  He’s tried numerous products, none of which brought him relief. He continually told himself “it’s not so bad’… but that wasn’t the case.

I decided to put together this page to act as a resource to share what I’ve learned. There are numerous home remedy treatment options out there. Many are detailed on various web sites and I also cover several of them on my page titled –

HELP!! How do I get rid of toenail fungus? It’s driving me crazy!

If you’re looking for more information on treating a fungal nail infection, including what I consider to be the best of the home remedies  available today, click here.

Here’s hoping you are able to learn from the info I’ve shared, and especially that you are able to quickly get  relief for your nail infection(s) too.

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